Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Heavy Metal

When you're feeling down, depressed and lonely, nothing like Heavy Metal to the rescue... Load up Winamp and hit play!!! As Metal blares through, shaking my ears and vibrating my windows, a sense of tranquillity passes through... Why Metal, you say? That's cos' it's your Stairway to Heaven... Ok, maybe not just metal, but Rock as a whole...

The pulses of power pass through your system, intoxicating you and giving you a raw, unadulterated high. The guitar riffs and the pounding bass inside your head gives rise to a sweet melancholy... There is lust... Lust for more...

As the headbanging continues, as you swing your neck violently from side to side, and feel the muscles in your neck stretch and tear with pain, you collect all your anger and frustrations and focus it to one point and just let go of it...

Sheer bliss wonly it is...

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Pearl Valley

Bike ride outta Bangalore to Pearl Valley, 115KMPH, One Large Rum, Climbing vertical rocks, Natural swimming pool, Water falling from above on Head and Dick, 7 people without change of clothes having extraordinary amount of fun in water, Friend's underwear almost pulled off underwater, Lotsa photos and videos, 10Km trek, Two VERY LARGE hills scaled up and down, Plenty of cuts on bodies thanks to Mother Nature's thorns, One totally tired Arcane Crapper, Sad Butter Chicken Gravy, Even sadder Chicken Fried Rice, Remembrances of amazement, Bike ride back to Bangalore, Stop by in pal's family's owned fields, Exploration of Fields, Coconut water straight from the tree, Continued Bike ride back to Bangalore, Blog Post ready...

Who says you need to be in a Pub or lay a girl to enjoy life?

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The Pain Of The Gods

Human beings are a strange species. What separates us from the lesser animals? Or lesser human beings, for that matter. The level of consciousness of our selves. At every stage of life, we know who we are and in turn our level of consciousness keeps increasing. Doesn't it? It undoubtedly does. As we evolve towards being a fuller human being, our consciousness also evolves.

The Universe is by itself an infinite object of existence to us. Everything in the universe is created and destroyed continuously. So are we. What is the level of consciousness of the atoms that are existing everywhere? What is the level of consciousness of primordial life forms? What is the level of consciousness of lower animals and the higher animals? What is the level of consciousness of human beings? What is the level of Consciousness of the bursting stars?

I can say that every being experiences pain to a certain extent. The being can see the world around itself for what it truly is... A horrible, deep, dark, never ending abyss of pain, misery, hate and death. It saddens me to see so much suffering in the world. I also believe that the amount of Self-awareness is proportional to the pain and suffering we percieve. It is also true that the amount of Self-awareness is also proportional to the amount of happiness we percieve. That's why some humans are more self-aware than others.

But what exactly is this consciousness I talk about? Consciousness is nothing more than the ability to feel pain. Haven't we all observed this? The more we understand the people around us, the more we understand the world around us and the more we understand the Universe we live in, there is an enhanced level of pain. I believe that everything is a balance of the positive and the negative like the Yin and Yang. Some choose to see the positive and some choose to focus on the negative.

If we humans percieve and endure so much pain, how much pain must a higher form of life percieve and endure? How much pain must GOD endure? He must know so much pain, such wide varieties of it that he chooses out different bits and imparts it in his creations for us to experience. For I guess he will see and feel his creation, the Universe, as it is. Nothing but sheer torture and agony of every living form inside the universe, revelations of pain sprawling from everywhere, pain so intense that it burns the flesh on the inside, neverending pain and misery. The universe is nothing but a darkness... a place of Dark Emotions.

An electron inside a computer is unable to realize the pain of it's creator, the programmer, because it does not have the self awareness of being the part of a larger self. Similarly, we... human beings of the Universe cannot experience the pain of our programmer, our god. The Universe is nothing but a program or creation of God... which serves the purpose of sharing his pain.

Nail in my hand
From my creator
You gave me life
Now show me how to live

-> Audioslave - Show Me How To Live

I pity him. For none of us will ever be able to share his true pain, the one that he cannot share with anyone, for it is the endurance of the gods alone. For only with the highest levels of raw pain can one attain the highest state of consciousness and self-awareness.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Friendship -> Stranger Than Quantum Theory

"Two friends
Joined left hand and right
My death - My life."

Friendship... amazes me to no end. Too tough to comprehend the essence.

In other news, I am leaving for Hyderabad tomorrow. A week of bliss. I am available for meeting up.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

AC's Career Fair

Mother asking son - "Beta, what do you want to be when you grow up?" The son replies - "Mama, I'll be the greatest scientist of all time just like Arcane Crapper..."

(Sound of a record screeching to a halt)

What if AC was a writer??

Papa to Mama - Oye Bablu ke amma, sunti hooooo??? Bablu ke birthday ke liye hum use kya de?

Mama to Papa - Haye jee, mujhe sharam aathi hai bathane mai...

Bablu to papa - Papa, mujhe AC ke tarah badaaaa writer banna hai.... Mama tho AC se sharmaathi hai... Birthday ke liye mujhe AC ka latest book chahiye papa...

(Sound of a record screeching to a halt)

Scene shifts to Palace Grounds, Bangalore...

AC is playing the guitar like a god and singing heavy metal songs... the coloured lights are swaying to the tune of the guitar god... Hot and well endowed babes in Mini-skirts are crying AC's name and fainting when AC hits a guitar riff... the atmosphere is electric!!!

Guy to his gal - Ba-haybe... I, y'know, am gonna be like, y'know, like AC, y'know, a guitar god, y'know... He starts bowing down before AC...

(Sound of a record screeching to a halt)

Maybe AC should have been an Actor...

There are thousands of Romans cheering on AC, the blogger who defied the Emperor of Rome yada yada... The huge Amphitheatre... the intoxicating noise of the crowds... they seek, they crave, they lust for AC's prowess in the arena...

My name is Maximus Arcanus Crapperus. Lover to a ravaged bike, Husband to a murdered blog, Servant to the true Emperor of Rome, Marcus Aurelius Bloggus... And I will have my revenge, in this post or the next...

(Sound of a record screeching to a halt)

AC jerks back to reality... The bloody mosquitoes wake him up... Prospective careers indeed!!!