Saturday, March 25, 2006


An endeavour at soul-searching led me to these excerpts from the ubiquitous entity we call the Internet...


In Devi Bhagwata Purana, it is mentioned that once Narada asked Vishnu about the secret nature of Maya (Illusion).

“What is Maya?” asked Narada.

“The world is my Maya. He who accepts this, realizes me,” said Vishnu.

“Before I explain, will you fetch me some water?” requested the Lord pointing to a river.

Narada did as he was told. But on his way back, he saw a beautiful woman. Smitten by her beauty, he begged the woman to marry him. She agreed.

Narada built a house for his wife on the banks of the river. She bore him many children. Loved by his wife, adored by his sons and daughters, Narada forgot all about his mission to fetch water for Vishnu.

In time, Narada’s children had children of their own. Surrounded by his grandchildren, Narada felt happy and secure. Nothing could go wrong.

Suddenly, dark clouds enveloped the sky. There was thunder, lightning, and rain. The river overflowed, broke its banks and washed away Narada’s house, drowning everyone he loved, everything he possessed. Narada himself was swept away by the river.

“Help, help. Somebody please help me,” he cried. Vishnu immediately stretched out his hand and pulled Narada out of the water.

Back in Vaikuntha, Vishnu asked, “Where is my water?”

“How can you be so remorseless? How can you ask me for water when I have lost my entire family?”

Vishnu smiled. “Calm down, Narada. Tell me, where did your family come from? From Me. I am the only reality, the only entity in the cosmos that is eternal and unchanging. Everything else is an illusion – a mirage, constantly slipping out of one’s grasp.”

“You, my greatest devotee, knew that. Yet, enchanted by the pleasures of worldly life, you forgot all about me. You deluded yourself into believing that your world and your life were all that mattered and nothing else was of any consequence. As per your perspective, the material world was infallible, invulnerable, perfect. That is Maya.”


The Supreme Self (or Ultimate Reality) who is Pure Consciousness perceived Himself by Selfhood (i.e. Existence with "I"-Conciousness). He became endowed with the name "I". From that arose the basis of difference.

Bhagavad Gita, Ch.13, verse 26: "Wherever a being is born, whether unmoving or moving, know thou Arjuna, that it is from the union between the field and the knower of the field".

(Purusha or Shiva or Spirit is the knower of the field, Prakriti or Shakti (Maya) or Matter is the field)


Fuck. I guess this is this what I am. An Illusion arising from a fluctuation in the unison of a field and it's knower.
Notwithstanding the above, I still hate illusions.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Years pass by
Years passed by.
Ego, verge of breaking
Monotony upsurging
Chimneys and Oil
Chimneys and Oil
Laughter - frail. Nay, fragile. Very...

A crack in the carpenter's skill
A pack of wolves in the kill
The grapes were just too sour
For us foxes to make them ours
Broken home, Broken hearts
Now no more cream tarts
But bread crumbs drowned in muddy paths

Moon, once my shield
Now mocking creation's seeds...
Webbed thoughts
And fragile minds.
Sometimes Smothering.
Sometimes Asphyxiating.

Who was he to choose
Terms of a raw deal he
Was supposed to anyway lose?
Chimneys and Oil
Chimneys and Oil
Forsooth, that's him...
Just a thin line, in a face of black soot.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Fifty Eight Hundred

A furtive thought
steals a glance
smiles, entices with the eyes
smiles again...
Laughs like a babbling brook.
stream of consciousness
continuous, like a newly born river
unbroken, forceful
Never wandering, unmeandering.
A cry for freedom was answered
Eight legs and many pairs of eyes
Found peace.
At 5800 feet.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Conversations With The Drunk Laugher (Part 2)

AC : What'd you think of girls showing skin deliberately by wearing low length clothes and making a big deal of it when somebody sees them that way?

DL : It's a very subconscious thing ya... If they show skin, why do you want to see it?

AC : Heh. Once a pervert always a pervert. My credentials are valid, proven.

DL : Ya right!!

AC : But tell me why do you girls wear such clothing then? And esssspecially girls on bikes. They keep pulling their t-shirts every 2 seconds. And let's not even delve into the topic of low rise jeans and visible ass-lines... Hehe.

DL : Balls...

AC : The point being, if you are wearing clothing which shows skin, why get uncomfortable and complain? Hold on, let me just note this down. I'm gonna put it up on my blog.

DL : You're actually writing this? You're mad yaar.

AC : Where's the doubt?

Voices and Smells-

Mu minus lambda...
The characteristic smell of dried leaves burning. Yen catch maga... Wisps of smoke, leaves burning...
Probability with p...

The leaves reflect sustained bursts of light centered around 4293 Angstrom Units. The rays of the nuclear fusion powered sun beat down, insolating my skin with precious heat. In the distance, the exquisite pattern of the sprinkler watering the lawns reminds me of the differential equation modelling Simple Harmonic Motion.

AC : Beautiful no?

DL : Yeah.

AC : I guess it's about how deeply you can observe what's in front of you. And how deeply you want to immerse yourself.

DL : Ok ok... In fact topless women were common in the early and middle ages. It's only after the the Aryans entered India that these practices have stopped. Hai na?

AC : ***Scratches head*** That would be Topless Dravidians or Aryans? Dravidians right?

DL : Haan.

AC : Hey. I'm a Dravidian! Well, whaddayaknow!

DL : Arre then What am I? ***Confused look*** Haan, Dravidian... Arre mein kya bol raheen hoon yaar? I'm an aryan... I wonder who I descended from... Who were my ancestors three thousand years back? Where did I come from?

AC : ***Smirks*** We are all children of the stars...

DL : What???

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Conversations With The Drunk Laugher (Part 1)

AC : Let's head out.

DL : No ya. It's so peaceful here.

AC : Peaceful eh? Tell me, how do you define peace?

DL : ***Raises eyebrow*** Peace...? Peace is in the moment.

AC : Peace is the moment.

DL : Same thing ya...

AC : No. You said - "Peace is 'IN' the moment." I said - "Peace IS the moment." Get the difference?

DL : Ok...

AC : What is peace?

DL : Peace is a way of seeing life...

AC : Just as hate is. Then why is it that peace is considered good and experiencing a moment of time in hate is considered bad? Why not the other way round? What about those people who see life through hate filled eyes and choose not to see it in peace?

DL : ***Raises eyebrow*** They find peace in that...

AC : Exactly.

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Staring At The Sun

"Moments of Frozen Pixels
Pixels of Frozen Moments
Evanescing, these Moments
Yet I saved nothing, but Pixels."


Many thanks to Radish who took this amazing snap before passing out due to excessive consumption of beer.