Saturday, May 28, 2005


Bangalore Blogger's Meet

The first ever Bangalore Blogger's Meet was held today...

Venue : Barista, St. Marks Road
Time : 5 PM

Yours truly, AC, reaches the venue 10 mins before the stipulated time. Gets bored. Goes smokes a Davidoff and comes back. Gets frustrated waiting for Manu... Prateek ( and Chrysanthemum were also there... 4 very sexy looking singles (LADIES, Hearing??) Had coffee... Chrysanthemum decides that we should settle for a better beverage - BEER!!! And so we proceed to drink beer AFTER having coffee... Had loads of fun... Indescribable!! Paid our tribute to the greatest blogger ever known... yes, NON-SENSEI... Felt amazing... Oh ya we discussed lotsa metal stuff as well... Ahhh, mooosic...

Now, we intend to hold it on a larger scale, monthly as well... All interested may contact us... ALL HAIL BLOGGING!!!

PS : Now, Finch didn't turn up for whatever reason and she unreachable... So next time we're gonna kill you Finch... No seriously, I will...

Another PS : Manu, do you realize that we made MG Road to where we split in 5 mins...? that's almost 8 or 9 KMS... And next time I expect a better race...

Preity Zinta Is A Goddess!!!

Preity Zinta's skin is flawless.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing hair.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing face.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing dimpled smile.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing set of boobs.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing ass.
Preity Zinta has the most amazing figure.
Preity Zinta looks goddamn amazing when sad.
Preity Zinta looks goddamn amazing when tears flow by the side of her face.
Did I mention that her hair and her boobs are most amazing?
Gooddd!!! What hair!!! What boobs!!!

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The Unforgiven

Damn it... Someone said something and right now it's on my mind... Will not disappear till I finalize on it. The uncertainty of it all haunts me. Chunnu, you had to screw me up with this, had you? Goddamn you man... And moreover you had to remind me that there's only one more year remaining... seven months for proper utilization. Screw you da, screw you...

I look at the mirror and see - Last teenage year... So many things to do, so much on my mind... And bloody Chunnu sets me up with another task I so desire to do, but can't... Not now, not for another 20 days at least... Things of such prime importance really screw up life... Bloody!! I feel like I have MPD... Dunno what to do now... I am a marked man, most definitely marked...

Arcane Crapper looks at himself in the mirror once again and sees two forms emerge - Arcane Skywalker (the good guy, yet prone to shortcomings) and Darth Crappus (the super cool dude, machine like, ummm... just cool) Dammit, Star Wars is influencing me too much...

See problem, we does... Meditate on solution we must... Comment on my wackiness, reader must...

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


"O God of Earth and Altar,
Bow down and hear our cry,
Our earthly rulers falter,
Our people drift and die,
The walls of gold entomb us,
The swords of scorn divide,
Take not thy thunder from us,
But take away our pride."

Just a babe in the black abyss,
No reason for a place like this,
The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain,
An easy way for the blind to go

A clever path for the fools who know
The Secret of the Hanged Man -the smile on his lips.
The light of the Blind-you'll see,
The venom that tears my spine,
The Eyes of the Nile are opening-you'll see.

She came to me with a serpent's kiss,
As the Eye of the Sun Rose on her lips,
Moonlight catches silver tears I cry,
So we lay in the black embrace,
And the Seed is sown in a holy place
And I watched, and I waited for the dawn.

The light of the Blind-you'll see,
The venom that tears my spine,
The Eyes of the Nile are opening-you'll see.

Bind all of us together,
Ablaze with Hope and Free,
No storm or heavy weather
Will rock the boat you'll see.
The time has come to close your eyes
And still the wind and rain,
For the one who will be King
Is the Watcher in the Ring,
It is You.

All of you...

-> Iron Maiden - Revelations

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall...

He woke up gasping for breath. The memories of his love came crashing down upon him like thunder splitting a tree wide open. Sometimes he would wonder where it all went wrong. Being the loner that he was, he sought to put the blame upon himself, letting her go scot-free. He used to shrug it off telling himself that the time is not ripe and that he will be shown the right person in due time. But then what if that person had already gone by? How long should he bear the loneliness? After all, he was a human being too... Even he needed to keep his head on a lap so comfortable and listen to a voice that drove away his blues or at least comforted him.

He ultimately drives away, or to be precise, suppresses the feelings within himself for the nth time. He feels he is missing out on something. He tries to figure out why the hell memories of her still torment him... He knows that it is because no one has filled that vacuum and yet he is powerless to stop it all. He knows and understands that this must be the saddest thing in life - knowing the cause of your unhappiness, realizing the harm it's doing and yet not understanding why the memories and pain and loneliness recur and fail to fade away into oblivion. He ultimately resigns himself to the fate that all the emotions will burst like a volcano someday... Cos it's always been that way.

Sporting a disgruntled look in front of his family, he walks down the hall, catches the headlines on the paper and walks towards the bathroom to brush his teeth. He pauses midway and decides to go to the kitchen instead to have a sneak preview of what he's gonna munch on for breakfast... He glances at the mirror and spots a face so unhappy, dull and tired of life... The face reeked with misery. He grumbles and then opens the pressure cooker. He sees Rava Idlis and Chutney for breakfast... He gives his widest smile, forgets everything else, reheats the idlis and rushes to the bathroom...

Friday, May 13, 2005


Sometimes when I look at the world around me, I see children starving, I see the forests cryin out in vain, I see suffocation, I see pollution, I see war... I see anger, hatred, jealousy, near and dear ones warring for material interests, backbiting each other... We a live in a world so cold, so indifferent, so murderous, so monotonous...

The other day, maybe like 3-4 days back, I am zooming in the polluted streets of Bangalore. Enter a little puppy... which walks in straight in my path. Yours truly, Arcane Crapper, brakes his over-the-speed-limit bike while skidding the rear tyre and doing a 30 degree wheelspin. The pup just whimpers and goes away. Arcane wipes the sweat off his forehead and heaves a sigh of relief. Pup walks away unhurt. Arcane creates a traffic jam behind him. He does not move on and let the traffic ease... why? Cos' he is too busy feeling sad for the pup. It's got nothing, man... No parents to take care of it, no buddies, nothing... Recalls a pup incident from a few days back.

Now, this is what made me write the opening lines. Maybe I am kiddish in demanding so, but I'd love a perfect utopian world where there is only peace... No hate, no regret, no hardships, a perfect world. Is it too much to ask for such a world? Maybe it is. As each day passes by, I just grow weary... weary of all the negative emotions... And what hurts the most is the feeling of powerlessness. I can't seem to fuckin' do anything about it.

Which reminds me... The Shanti Parva of the Mahabharata describes political rule to achieve a Utopian Society... Someone go tell all our bastard political leaders parking their asses on beds of platinum in their ivory towers. Sometimes when I recall S.T.Coleridge's poem -> Rime Of The Ancient Mariner; and an equally awe-inspiring Iron Maiden rendition which essentially says that we must love and respect all creatures god made, I am led to believe that today's world is dead.

And by the light of the moon
He prays for their beauty not doom
With heart he blesses them
God's creatures all of them too.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Stairway To Hell

Fuck the future
Fuck the past
Live for the present
It's moving too fast

Right now is all I should
Give a shit about
Time is too much politics
For you to wield your clout

Welcome! Welcome to the
The Ninth Sign of the Zodiac
The Dark Side of Sagittarius
Where you shall be shown
The balanced life of a Maniac
And a hate so Sebacious

So much Pain within Happiness
So much Hapiness within Madness
So much Madness within Hope
Is it too much? Can I cope?

I'm comfortable living on the Edge
I whiff the Putrid Air
And Howl in Sweet Convulsion
I'm so Rash and Suicidal
That I give Me a Scare... So tell me
Is it Sin to love life so Uncertain?

You! My Heart! Go fuck Yourself!
You! My Soul! Seek thine Tranquillity!
You! My Body! Wed your Happiness!
You! My Mind! Rise from the Ashes!
You! My Self! I love you...!
You sadistic, sacred whore!!

For we are the supreme singular power
When we are the Sacred Pentagram
My Heart, My Soul, My Body, My Mind and Me

So much Hope within Realization
So much Realization within Knowledge
So much Knowledge within Truth
So much Truth... within Lies

So much Misery, with Misery surrounding it
With some Desires thrown in between
None of it quite really true
Where no happy face stays after a visit
If there be a hell, I've found it,
For if ain't here, where the Devil it is?