Sunday, January 29, 2006

War Of Poems

13.01.2006 22:42 Hrs, Arcane Crapper wrote :

A lie is nothing but a relative truth,
A lost light, a nightmare's fruit...
Crystallized pain, a fearful soul mute,
For if there's no lie, where then is the truth?

If lies haunt, reality kills.
A mind frozen in time,
Experiencing forbidden thrills...
And people call it... Crime!

Drape over me, a serenity unbridled...
A dream unbroken...
Some Memories unforgotten...
A life unpolarized, regained...

Bring me back my childhood long gone...
Take away my wrinkles of wisdom...
Erase my pains forlorn...
Show me my blue starred heaven, my eternal fiefdom...

14.01.2006 11:47 Hrs,
Nishrin wrote :

Wrapped up in distorted sayings,
Tell mé what the trouble brings.
A mundane laugh, among the mundane blues.
Alter my senses.. Give mé my muse.

14.01.2006 11:48 Hrs,
Arcane Crapper wrote :

I walk along the muddy road
See the fields of wheat
And mountains blue behind
Subliminally connecting...

I reach out, I touch the sky
I smile an everlasting smile...

14.01.2006 11:53 Hrs,
Nishrin wrote :

It turns to dust.. Deep crimson ash..
Still burning within itself.
My reach hides,
My grasp subsides
I stand there, lost, failed.
I was crying in the rain.. And it hailed.

14.01.2006 12:06 Hrs,
Arcane Crapper wrote :

Once, I too cried in the rain...
Once, I asked him to take away my pain...
Now, I see the dawn...
Now, I know that we are just pawns...

The blood-red eyes dissolve
A purity, a hope evolves...
And you despair the darkness
Then you see it shattered,
by misty wisps of morningness.

14.01.2006 12:09 Hrs,
Nishrin wrote :

The morning too seems grey.
Soup mé a cup of tea..
Tell mé all you have to say.

14.01.2006 12:13 Hrs,
Arcane Crapper wrote :

I saw a receding pain
I saw it come again...
Then I was just a child
So innocent, so blind...

I still am a child
Sometimes innocent, sometimes blind...
The child has long since died
Some pains, forever must be mine...

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Crappiram's Mixture - Volume 1
Something like Haldiram's Mixture, I guess

***Me, Friend 1 (Guy) and Friend 2 (Girl) at Friend 2's place***

ME : ***Says something stupid***

F2 : PODA!!! ***Pronounced Paw-da, with an elongated Paw as best described by Pooaaah-da***

F1 : Hey! What's that? I've heard of i-Pod but what's Poda? Is it a new mp3 player or something?

***Laughter accompanies the statement, followed by clutched stomachs***


I was riding my bike to college. I see this bird (musta been a hawk or a kite) flying twelve feet high. And it just dropped. I thought it died. I swerve to avoid running the bird over. But then, it somersaulted just as it touched the ground pressed it's claws on the ground, rebounded in a spring-like fashion and once again took flight, leaving me wide-mouthed. In awe.

DAMN!! Trillions of atoms reacting as a single entity to provide a breathtaking view of such a fluid inspirational motion. Awesome!

PS : Maybe our politicians should start appreciating such things. Maadarchods.


If you're a Mathematics Student, you woulda heard of Green's Theorem...

The Closed Path Integral of a Curve is equal to the Area Integral of the Surface bounded by the Curve.

Here's my version of Green's theorem...

The Closed Path Integral of the Curve bounding a Bra is equal to the Area Integral of the Surface of the Bra bounded by the Curve.

And it works only for Green Bras... That's why it's called Green's Theorem.

Now I wonder which Coordinate system to use for describing Bras and what they errr... support. Spherical polar coordinates?

I wonder if we can use Integration to find the exact volume of a girl's ass... Once that is established, we guys will not have any bitter quarrels over whose ass is bigger. Period. One way of doing it is to integrate, between limits 0 to Pi, a hyperbolic surface. On rotation, it gives the desired volume...

Who the hell said Mathematics was dull?

Thursday, January 12, 2006

A Year Ago, A Blog Was Born...

81 posts. 1 year.

Greatest and most perverse thoughts. So much self-realization and self-discovery... Many friends. New meanings and new goals, alongwith new frustrations and feelings of pointlessness. Redefined concept of existence. There's a long way to go.

***Blows out candle***

Happy Birthday baby... :-)

Friday, January 06, 2006

Quintessentially You...

Standing on broken dreams
Never losing sight

And sometimes it's hard to carry on a legacy, an indomitable force, an energy... that fades away into wisps of fine mist in a blinding flash.

And sometimes, we face that moment ourselves and we know for sure.

And at that point, we all stare at the sun setting over the horizon, scream out loud and wonder why...

Well, just spread your wings
We'll get higher and higher
Straight up we'll climb
We'll get higher and higher
Leave it all behind

A Queen of Snow mustn't freeze cold from within.

I'd rather see a face glowing orange-gold under the rays of the setting sun... A face that realizes that the sun sets only to rise again...

So baby dry your eyes,
Save all the tears you've cried
Ohh, that's what dreams are made of
Oh baby, we belong in a world
That must be strong
Ohh, that's what dreams are made of...

And all that is needed is a simple smile on your face...

And then I'll know, you will kick ass the same way as he...

After all, he lives in you.

Take care, A...

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


Today, I was going on my bike... I saw a "No Overtaking" sign. I overtook an auto... MAGIC MAGIC!!! ***Stupid Grin*** Hehe...