Saturday, August 25, 2007

From nothingness these words
So tasteless, So impure...
Spewing forth from Gutturals demure.

Whispering madness
Holding keys, to visions in the head
That Resurrect the Scions of the Dead.


Separating self from soul,
And Emotion once Bound
In matter, chain and tatter.

Unnamed feelings of life in the beyond.
Rapacious, this soulless carcass of yours...

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The Arcane Sanctuary

Beyond the supernovae I have glanced
To the cold that mirrored in rhyme.
And oh, On these burning stars,
With the dead I have danced...

Crucibles of time and trust and hope,
Marbled, in hellfire and stone,
Did create this sanctuary unknown,
Cislunar, burning scarlet and gold...

Far beyond the lies, of eyes that loquace the lust for life
Far beyond the expanse, of the void so wild,
Far beyond the the reaches, of the burning suns,
Forever denuded by the demons of creation,
Are sanctuarine ghosts of a crimson devastation...

Ghosts, of darkness that fast unfolds,
And ghosts, of peaceful moments untold.
For life, she bequeathed once more,
This stillness of silence 'pon my wretched soul...