Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A Very Promising World

Mega-Dammit!!! Bloody cops! Caught me off for supposedly crossing a yellow line kathe... Let them shove their bloody cop-isms up their jumbo-sized orally antipodal orifice. Waste of 300 bucks!! Bastards... Chooth Fatangs...

Bloody Hutch bastards... Only 200 free messages every day. Bigtime jh****

Anyways... I think I'll sit back and watch "Asterix In Britain" on my kampoothar...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

Interesting Things

1. My grandmom bought around 200 lemons and squeezed all of em and made lime squash... only for me!! ***Sniff*** It will last me the whole summer. Heaven praise her!!

2. I sprained my hand while shagging. The best part was an sms about it, by mistake, reached one of my female friends and she says "Go slow..." ROTFL!!

3. People in this city don't know what Holi is. Was cribbing about it to "The Devil" and even he said the same... Of course he is busy with his sem exams so... his case justified.

4. Breaking my head over what to study. I better start doing my fundamentals as well...

5. Considering possibility of smoking by the side of Tankbund at 3.00 AM sometime in the near future. Dammit! I want to visit good ol' Hyd!

6. Had found an interesting way of Smuggling cigarettes into the Mark Knopfler concert. Had slid them under the lining of my helmet. My helmet's got detachable lining, you see... Anyways, a few people (including the revered Non-Sensei) had a few puffs thanks to the ingenious technique patented by me.

7. Gotta go over to Anurag's place and pick up a few GB of Mp3's and Videos.

8. My blog looks way better in Opera browser, and very crappy in IE.

Friday, March 25, 2005


Yet another outta town trip... This time to Hoskote which is 30 kms from Bangalore. We reached there without much excitement along the way. Got our rooms allocated. Sexy toilets, I must say. To quote Rohit - "Do we even deserve this?" Then the seven of us went to moderately thick forest type wilderness in the campus and beyond. Lots of snaps, videos and scratches later, we finally trudged back to our rooms.

Freshened up, met the Scientist in charge of the facility and we engaged in a major Q&A session about the Hanle telescope and various other stuff. Spent around 2 hours there. Then we were asked to come back at around 12.00 in the night (which was later conveniently postponed to 3.00AM). So we were left with quite some time to spend which was utilized in doing another trip to the semi-wilderness. We didn't venture into the forest but nevertheless sat in this amphi theatre type place... in the dead centre, mind you... and started playing "Truth Or Dare".

The first round was Ok but the second round was all dare and me, Suhas and Rohit had quite something to do... Suhas had to piss everyone off, which was quite a task. I had to scale atleast 40 feet of a transmission tower that was more than 60 feet tall. (Did I mention that we, as in me and Rohit, had tea and cigarettes in the dead of the night, looking at the black sky filled with shiny stars!! Amazing kick!!!) The best dare was where I have utmost pride in saying that I screwed Rohit. YESSS!!! I MADE HIM KISS AMRITA'S FEET! HER SOLES!! THAT TOO WHEN IT WAS ALL DIRTY WITH THE DUST AND MUD OF OUR TRIP TO THE FOREST!!! I rule!!!! But the bastard... he spoiled my fun cos he actually enjoyed it. Chooth!

Then we reported back to the Prof. and we took snaps and spectroscope data of M-51 (a spiral galaxy with a smaller galaxy orbiting it) and a cuppla stars...

After that we all headed to the girls' room and had a major debate (initiated by Amrita) on what God means to all of us. Each person contributed his two pennies and there was everything ranging from Faith to Agnosticism to Order and Chaos to the Ultimate being... After that I fuckin' slept man... Couldn't believe it!! I believe I missed out the better parts of the discussion. Bloody Fuck!! And anyways the return trip was reasonably uneventful except for a dicey looking driver. Thus ended a really amazing trip.

Never knew that the people I have known for some time now are capable of more serious discussions than I expected them to. There usually is more to a human being than that meets the eye. It depends on a person whether to probe and find out more about another person's intellectual capacity or to just sit lazily and wait for moments like this to turn your thinking around. I have missed a lot of things in the recent past. Maybe this is a call, a call for me to be more aware of what's happening around me. I am half caught between regret at my laziness and letting the past go. Only thing left is to look ahead, just to look ahead. That's all. No turning back now. So maybe there is a force by the name of God that connects every one of us. Maybe everything is predetermined after all. Will I know for sure? No idea.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

The Unnameable Whore

Now, I mourn the initial spore
Once, you were my precious whore
Once, you seemed to be Astarté
Now, you just seem bitchy

Now, our love, eviscerated, suicided
Once, your skin, lightly tanned, sueded
Once, we were intimately rash
Now, there is nuclear ash

We were, are, two separate a soul
Could there have been a better whole?
Once, you were, my methamphetamine fortress
Now, you are, my memory, my sadness

Whichever way time shall flow
You still are, my precious whore

Balls to poetry for now. Might as well sleep properly. I even have to go to Hoskote tomorrow to see the Base Station for the Hanle Telescope in Ladakh... Is my life cool or is it cool?

Tuesday, March 22, 2005

Kavalur Trip

Damn!! I should have written about the Kavalur trip earlier but I'll try my best to recall and tell. An moreover it's almost a week since I have written anything. Curses...

The day started with Sakshath calling me up at bloody 12.30AM when I had just fallen asleep. He asked about what to carry and all. So satyanaaas... Sleep gone. Scene changes to 4.00AM when some neighbour puts Suprabhatham at the decibel level of a bloody rock concert. So there went my sleep again. Scene Shifts to 6.00AM, i wake up and go to brush my teeth. As I'm rinsing my mouth, I puke!!! All of a sudden, no pukey feeling or anything, I just puke. Then I coolly get ready and pick up Rohit on the way. He was grumbling as usual that I was late. Had a Gold Flake in the auto... mind you that was just after puking and a glass of milk. We call up Sakshath and tell him that we're on our way... He tells us that the bus is about to leave. We get tensed.

We reached IIA and bloody, the bus had not even come and was due in another half an hour. So Sakshath got a few curses from me. But he conveniently had vanished from the scene to go have breakfast... while we just had a packet of Choco nuts or whatever biscuits for breakfast. So we ask Sakshath to get idlis for our breakfast, which was then polished off by me in under a minute. Now there was this huge problem facing us - whether or not to get cigarettes for the trip. After a heated debate, we finally got 6 cigs. Then Sudhir had recently acquired a nu digicam which came in handy... very handy, to be precise. We took a lot of snaps and then our bus (Tempo Traveller) finally arrived.

The trip was quite scenic and uneventful with us playing Dumb Charades and pigging out on the food Suhas had brought. Oh yeah, my Hutch reception blacked out 2.678215 kms from Bangalore city limits. "Wherever you go, our network follows." kathe... Saale gaandu log. Fuckers should be shot dead.

We reached Kavalur... after passing through some unheard of villages and all... Me and Sakshath slept like logs after lunch while the others roamed around the place (the saner ones stuck to the roads while the more eccentric ones like Rohit went around in the forests). Then by evening, got up, got ready, went to the 2 metre telescope (as in the diameter of the lens was 2 metres) and that too when the dude in charge had just finished explaining about it. DAMN!! Anyways, then we went to the 1.5m telescope to record our observations about the spectra and all. I'm leaving out the details...

By this time we were left with just one cigarette, oh yeah, i had smoked one in the loo... And moreover if we knew Kavalur would be so empty and full of forests we would have got more cigarettes. But forget that, the view of the night sky was just amazing. Fuckin amazing... No words can describe it. The weather too... the weather too... and the sky too... So basically we were awake till around 2.30 to 3.00 AM. I had dozed off a little earlier on the terrace while everyone was playing some weird game which I don't even remember.

That crazy Bhavna woke us up like at 4.30AM. 50000 curses upon that blasted female... Anyways we cuaght some lovely photos of the sunrise, had tea, left for Alangayam (a semi-village) where we had to catch a bus of good ol' TNSRTC to Bangalore. Got on the bus(but Me, Rohit and Sakshath had a smoke before that), came back rolling to Bangalore... Wrote that screwed up poem on the way. Listened to St. Anger as well...

Ultimately Kavalur left me with some fond memories... and some realizations about my concrete jungle. Nice trip, overall. Brilliant actually I'd say...

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Vomitry (Vomited Poetry)

Astronomy divine we chase
In a land so full of haze
Is the quest for knowledge
Merely an illusion on the edge?

I break my back and then
Hitting the road, I go
In a oh-not-so-comfortable
Traveller tempo

I finally reach the land
So full of 'Whoooooaaaaa'
Where the skies are clear and
The pollution, so fucking low

Feeling the wind ruffle
My just-now shampooed hair
Made me feel that the atmosphere
Was more than just air

But you know you're part of
A free race
When the misty mountains
Give you a blast on the face

But 24 hours in, out and
On the way to Kavalur
With so little sleep
And nicotine so pure

Along with stars so blue
And bright yet cool
Ought to make you realize
That thou art but a fool

Who liveth in
A concrete jungle so dark
Where you can't even hear
The call of a skylark

Don't just sit there and open
PACKS, and BOTTLES with cork
For Dude(tte)... There's more.
There really, really is more
To life than you thought.

Amen. I could have done better. But... as if I give a shit.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Today was the culmination of weeks of misery and fruitless labour. Yesss! I finally got tickets for Black. I'm still recovering from the shock of actually finding out that Black was just OK and not Excellent. Dammit! Black was just Ok... Just Ok... Just Ok...

Saturday, March 05, 2005

Even Mastodons Fall In Love...

It's a moderately busy saturday. He had promised to meet her on MG Road. They had already decided to lunch at Rice Bowl and then proceed on to the Rock Concert.

He comes ripping across the other side of the road and in the process, shoots a furtive glance at the building across to see if she is standing beneath as he had instructed her to. He sees her standing there and waves... while simultaneously bringing his black 5-speed RX-135 to a smooth halt at the traffic signal. She didn't even see him. He curses. The traffic light timer shows 165 seconds. He curses again. He knows that she doesn't like to be kept waiting. He curses yet again using all the profanity his peer group had ever taught him. He also remembers the amazing blow she had given him, centered dead on his half-built abs, when he had stood her up a couple of months back. Suddenly, the guy on the Karizma behind him honks... and then shouts "Guru!! Light green aithu guru..." He mutters an obscenity under bated breath and then rips off... He then parks his bike and heads over to the girl who had so patiently been waiting for him all this while.

She gives him a hug, fixes his hair which had gone awry due to the helmet he had been wearing and then says - "You're half an hour late." On seeing the dumb, sheepish look on his round face, she gives him a forgiving smile. As they walk down the footpath, he buys a pack of his favourite brand of Cigarettes - Marlboro Regular. He checks the cigarettes for the thin stripes that distinguish the originals from the fakes. She curses him for buying a whole pack but she relents knowing that it's only once in a while that he meets up with his friends to enjoy.

They then walk up to the Rice Bowl and occupy their favourite table in the half-empty restaurant, which was just by the windowblinds. She orders a bottle of Fosters Beer for him, knowing that he preferred the smoothness of Fosters rather than the "high" of the other "strong" brands. He lights up a Marlboro and takes a puff, blowing out rings as he exhales. She snatches it from him and tries taking a puff, but ends up coughing. The pretty lass rebukes him, using all the wilfulness of her 18 years of life. He loves the way her lips twist and turn and move in a magical way and it takes an overburned cigarette to snap him out of his trance. He then discards the cigarette and continues gazing at her. He looks into those lovely blue eyes of hers and realizes that her halterneck top went very well with her eyes. He curses himself for not realizing it before.

She pays the check and then they proceed towards the venue of the concert. The place was a few kilometres away, but he didn't mind riding the bike this time. He loves the way she cuddles up onto him and she loves the way his shoulder blades seem to provide just the right amount of support whenever she leans over him. He adores the way her body massages him when she leans onto him. He finds the smell of her hair exquisite when the wind blows it onto his face. She remembers the words of Stephen Hawking (a great cosmologist of our time) -

"For millions of years mankind lived just like the animals, then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk."

She feels grateful... for the fact that she is able to talk. He is grateful... for the fact that he is able to smell... smell her lovely hair. Both are grateful... for the fact that they can taste... taste each other.

He parks his babe (the bike) in the overcrowded parking lot. She gets down. They then walk towards the entrance with his hand over her shoulder. He is tall at 6'3" and she is... not very tall at 5'4". As they are walking, he sees sweat running down the back of her seemingly fragile neck. The familiar smell of her sweat, accompanied by the stunning visual of seeing it glisten in the rays of the setting sun, seemed to be push him towards a state of mellow yet powerful intoxication... And then... he whispers something in her ear. She smiles.

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Screw The Bloody Title !

Come lay beside me, this won't hurt I swear
She loves me not, she loves me still, but she'll never love again
She'll lay beside me, but she'll be there when I'm gone

Black heart scarring darker still
Yes, she'll be there when I'm gone
Yes, she'll be there when I'm gone
Dead sure she'll be there

=> Metallica - The Unforgiven II

These lines plus the fact that N is hopelessly in love got me thinking about relationships and all. Now, undeniably, all of us would have experienced it at some point of time r the other. And it left me wondering why I haven't got into one as of yet. So the analysis began!

I was trying to figure the answer out when I realized that it's my weirdness that puts most people off. Apart from my seemingly rude nature to a lot of people. So the answer is pretty clear. I don't let myself be liked by a lot of people... except a few and those few know what stuff I am made up of. Then I got wondering... It's the same as predicted by my Sun-Sign. So that meant, the planets and heavenly bodies influence my personality (that's what astrology is all about, isn't it?) And planets are linked to Gravitational Force. And in a way, it's a living experience and proof of Mach's principle. HOLY SHIT!! One more stupefying realization... WOW!!

For those of you that don't know what Mach's principle is, it roughly says that "We exist because everything around us exists" or "Every object in the universe is related to every other object in the Universe."

So does this just mean that what I am and who I am and the way I am is a result of gravitational force... Am I just a perturbation in the spacetime continuum... Forget spacetime. Is all of humanity just a set (or perhaps a packet as in wave packet) of perturbations in a possibly higher spatial dimensional universe?

How complex must this perturbation (me) be, if it has the capacity to feel and/or analyze such complex emotions such as love, write blog posts and even listen to Dream Theater while doing it!! OK, that's amazing all right... Simply amazing!! This also means that if anyone actually found the equation that governs the infinite body relation, life itself would be governed by that relation. HOLY FUCK!!! Sexy, ain't it??

Really more amazing is the fact that this perturbation is actually realizing that he is a perturbation and the perturbation is not getting distorted because of that. Which brings us to really the most fundamental question ever... What exactly is Life? Or Why are we here?

I know my head'll break if I think over it, so ppl leave comments answering my question. And the video of Unforgiven II is touching in a weird kind of way... The guy buries the key in the gal... How cool is that? What does it mean? Damn, too many questions popping up. I don't like it one bit. Now I've just confused myself even more.


Thus he used Profanity... The Arcane Crapper.