Saturday, September 06, 2008

Periphery Of Perception

One day I'll be in a state of inertia, oscillating unconsciously between thought and void with digital audio output at the periphery of sensory perception and Winamp in shuffle mode with its playlist containing every digital piece of music I possess. And that’s when a song from the past, a relic, will be sure to play and cocoon me in raw re-interpretation. For, the words, these words, will lacerate meaning, bleeding themselves dry to transcend the mind to new planes of appreciation.

That's when it'll move me after eons of not having done so , make me rethink who I am... adding itself to the previous rethinks, manifesting as a summation that redefines me. Not for the first time, and definitely not the last.


PS, to Manu:
When it is said “Let there be love”, the elevator doors shalt open. Heh.


Nikhil. said...

The PS was better man ;)

A Chrysanthemum by any other name... said...

what is this...dostana hangover?! hehehe